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Green Soul / Green Shiva

Das Green Soul / Green Shiva Konzept basiert auf zwei  Säulen. Kurz gesagt: Grüne Fußstapfen zu hinterlassen auf der einen und Gutes zu tun auf der anderen.  Die Botschaft ist: Tue Gutes  für deinen Planeten, die Natur, Dich und die Menschen, die dich umgeben. Es geht um Positivität. Je mehr Du davon in den Kreislauf gibst, umso höher ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, auf welche zu treffen.
Peace, love and green karma

Es geht um

…eine Lebensphilosophie, basierend auf Nachhaltigkeit bezogen auf den eigenen Körper, den Mitmenschen und ihrer Umwelt. Ziel ist es, einen grünen Fussstapfen zu hinterlassen sowie im Einklang zu sein mit sich und der Umwelt, seinen Planeten zu schätzen und seine Erdlinge. Den Anspruch zu hegen, beiden nicht zu schaden.Im Gegenteil: beides zu schützen.


…steht nicht für einen Glauben im herkömmlichen Sinne, sondern viel mehr für eine Philosophie, in der Respekt, Toleranz und Vertrauen die Basis bilden. Jeder ist individuell und auf seine Art schön. Gemeinam können alle etwas erreichen. Step by step und jeder Schritt zählt. Das, was in anderen Glaubensarten Gott heißt, ist in der Green Shiva Philosophie Energie. Alles fließt. Unendlich.

Community Concept  (englisch)

projekt erdbeben hilfe lamjungThe concept of Green Soul / Green Shiva is based on two sections. Short story:  leaving green footprints on the one hand and doing good on the other hand. The message is: doing good to the planet, the nature, yourself and the people around you. In Details: The first means that there is only one nature, only one earth, our planet. And we are all earthlings, all creatures of this world human beings and animals too. So do your best to be in accordance with the nature. Treat others as you want to be treated.  It is an easy thing.

The second one is to be creative,  active and motivated.  To be honest, respectful and thankful.  To know that a healthy mind only can live in a healthy body.  It´s about finding yourself, be yourself, challenge and develop yourself. About open your mind,  get inspired, travel, discover countries and cultures. About  go and see the world, understand life, be aware. About being smart, lovely, charming and clever. About having fun and enjoying life. Do what you love and believe in. We are what we do. So you can decide everyday who you want to be, which kind of person, which kind of life. You create your future. Be creative. BE YOU.

Letter of founder

conny shiva

Namasté, my name is Conny.

In order to spread more positivity in the world I have founded the GREEN SOUL (former GREEN SHIVA) Community and started the educational project #FUTUREKIDS – the reason why I am talking to you today. All of our energy is given actually to Nepal right in the rural region of Sindupalchowk, three hours distance from the capital Kathmandu,.

The enormously violent and tragic earthquake back in April has completely impeded the lives of the people and destroyed the majority of the buildings, including the village’s only school. So as to maintain the routine which is important for the children, there currently is a tent which is being used to teach the children in, as well as a provisionary building made of corrugated iron. That temporary solution could already be optimized by renewing the floors and the lavatory.

We are convinced that education changes everything and the children represent the future of the country. Intending to change the conditions fundamentally, to help the country from within and sustainably, the problems need to be approached at their cause. Education creates fundaments and stability. Thus, the country has a realistic prospect. The project’s aim is to secure the future of the children by constructing a permanent school building which is stable and earthquake-proof. There for we need architects, engineers, craftspeople and plenty of materials.

So we need you and your friends. Because the more people support us, the sooner we can get to work. Let us collectively take action for the future of the children. We have the opportunity, so let us seize it.

Thanks, thank you on behalf of the #futurekids and on behalf of the team. We will keep you updated.
In case you are still left with questions, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Your Conny Shiva